World Community Grid

The World Community Grid collects donated computing power to aid scientists in their research the world over. The Maelstromers created a “discover, try, and buy” experience to to alleviate security fears and give users a greater understanding of the impact of their contribution.

This 6-week long project saw 3 designers and 2 developers build a prototype that would, when completely built, go on to win a Webby Award. Overcoming some interesting social challenges, they employed agile scrum and design thinking to achieve their end result.

Project Specs

Duration: 6 weeks My Role: Project coordination with stakeholders, art direction, and team management
Team: 3 designers, 2 developers
Design problem: Researchers need a more inviting way to encourage users to donate their computing power.

World Community Grid Screen Explaining Program Impact

The Maelstrom Team for World Community Grid