Elyra Canvas

Elyra Canvas is an open source product that is a drag and drop UI that allows for the placement and connection of nodes and the subsequent adjustment of those nodes’ properties.

My role has been that of maintaining the Zenhub kanban board, creating new processes for design to streamline the consumer design experience, and I’ve headed up the effort to onboard new consumers.

If you have an IBM VPN, check out the onboarding site that I created for new Elyra consumers: https://ibm.biz/elyra-common-canvas

The canvas itself supports several IBM products such as AutoAI for Watson Studio, Modeler Flows for Watson Studio, Data Refinery for Watson Studio, and DataStage for Watson Studio. Below is an example of how Modeler Flows’ information architecture fits into it’s surrounding experience while sitting atop the Elyra Canvas technology. 

Project Specs

Duration: 2 years My Role: Design Lead—wrangle stakeholders, continually align Design with Offering Management and Development
Team: 12 designers (under my lead), 2 researchers (under my lead), 5 developers, 2 product managers
Design Problem: Applications consuming Elyra need design frameworks for drag and drop canvas experiences.

Example: Information architecture for Modeler