Stop Run Button

While the concept here is a very simple one. It is a piece of design that has plagued Modeler for nearly half a decade. Before this design was implemented, users had NO way of stopping their flow run, which could lead to nearly a half an hour or more of an unusable application.

The premise here was to create a modal that means something. Previously, the experience used modal after modal without intent. The goal here was to create a modal experience that had meaning and allowed the user a greater sense of control.

It took considerable discussion to align Development and Offering Management on this matter, but the true catalyst was the design research that pointed toward users having great difficulty as a result of this feature not existing.

Project Specs

Duration: 1 day design, 2 months development My Role: Project stakeholder coordination, art direction, and team management
Team: 1 designers, 3 developers
Design problem: Users had no way of canceling a run which could result in hours of lost time.