Tempo was created to showcase Weather Underground's API capabilities for the IBM presence at SXSW2017. The app itself is the perfect metaphor for SXSW because Tempo is the intersection of data, design, music, tech, and motion.

Using real-time weather data, the app mixes audio tracks to create a unique song mix while delivering actionable insights that are weather-related. The demo (designed, developed, and delivered in under 5 days with a team of interns) was accessible through iPads so SXSW attendees could interact with Tempo while broadcasting the screen on large televisions.

Project Specs

Duration: 5 days My Role: Project coordination, art direction, and team management
Team: 9 designers, 3 developers
Design problem: This demo was created to show off the capabilities of the Weather Company's powerful network of sensors that detect all manner of weather data.

Tempo Demo Video

Tempo's homescreen, SXSW2017

Former IBM CEO, Ginni Rometty enjoying Tempo