About Bundle

Bundle is a same-day delivery experience created by the IBM Project Whitespace team (the brainchild of IBM's most prolific woman inventor Lisa DeLuca). The product connects online retailers to a network of delivery couriers for faster, safer, and more convenient same-day delivery.

For the consumer, Bundle is a browser extension that embeds same-day delivery options into the checkout experience of retailers like Target and Kohls giving the user the ability to shop at their favorite stores instead of relying solely on Amazon Prime.

For businesses, Bundle creates an edge to compete with the likes of Amazon while having a safe and reliable network of couriers to choose from. Machine learning models are currently being developed to create a recommendation engine that will help automate the process for these clients as well.

Project Specs

Duration: 9 months from inception to shipping the product My Role: Visual design, content design, and co-UX designer
Team: 2 designers, 2 developers, 2 offering managers
Design problem: Users need an easier way to connect their 2-hour delivery services to their connected lives.

Bundle's Product Design

Bundle's product experience was designed with the notion that each shopping experience would vary from retailer to retailer. As a result, base components were created with an 8-column fluid grid using a 16-pixel base unit.

Bundle essentially behaves as a sherpa throughout the checkout experience giving SMS and email alerts as your parcel is picked up, en route, and delivered.

Screenshot from Target.com using the Bundle Plugin

Screenshot of Kohls.com logging in through the Bundle Plugin

The Bundle Launch Event

The Launch Event was coordinated by myself and my team's service designer, Andie Young. We targeted our IBM campus in Austin as a testing ground for promotion. To support the event, I designed shirts, koozies, and stickers—as well as promotional cards that give the first 1000 users of Bundle a free same-day delivery.

The Bundle Product Team

Bundle T-shirts

Bundle Promo Cards

Bundle Koozies

Prepping for the Big Event